HDClone X.4 – Official Release and More Information


Many users are already working with HDClone X.4 and have been able to experience the high performance and flexibility brought on by its numerous new features and improvements.

We would like to thank all of the early adopters of HDClone X.4 for their overwhelmingly positive feedback!

With this official release, you can learn more about the highlights and technical details.

The document "New in HDClone" outlines the new features and improvements that are included in HDClone X.4. You can find a summary of the most significant features below.

We are certain you will find many reasons to make HDClone X.4 your #1 choice when it comes to disk cloning, backups, migration and data rescue.

A few highlights of HDClone X.4:

PC-to-PC copying with NetDisk technology
Create 1:1 copies and deploy data between computers directly via LAN. This is particularly convenient when using notebooks that have fixed, built-in storage media and limited USB ports. Included with HDClone Professional and higher.

Run HDClone in a standard user account
HDClone Professional Edition & higher can now be run without administrator rights ("non-elevated") and can therefore be executed in regular user accounts.

Manage BitLocker protection
With the new BitLocker applet, you can control access to BitLocker-protected disks. Open these disks to read and write files, then close them again. In addition, BitLocker encryption can be removed from the target disk when copying or restoring, either for all or for selected drives (volumes). This functionality is included in HDClone Advanced Edition and higher.

USB 4 and Thunderbolt 4
HDClone X.4 now supports USB 4 and Thunderbolt 4. So now, for example, you can use particularly fast external NVME disks at full speed as well as Thunderbolt docking stations for notebooks.

Here's how to get HDClone X.4

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Using a previous HDClone version?
Now is the perfect time to update! Select your current version or enter your license key into our update and upgrade configurator to choose your update.
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