PCISniffer 1.2 - New Version of the Free Tool


The well known and freely available diagnosis tool PCISniffer by miray Software is now available in the new version 1.2. The most important improvement is the device database that is now up to date again. The PCI device detection has also been improved in PCISniffer 1.2.

PCISniffer 1.2 from the SAT-Series (Stand-Alone-Tool) by miray Software scans for available devices on the PCI bus of a PC and displays their identification and configuration data in plain text. With more than 22.000 downloads from www.miray.de as well as many secondary download pages and publications on CD-ROM, PCISniffer meanwhile has become a popular tool for administrators, developers and computer professionals.

PCISniffer has an improved device detection algorithm in version 1.2. The previous version did not display particular PCI devices under certain circumstances. PCISniffer 1.2 now finds all connected PCI devices and displays their data in plain text. As an additional improvement the PCI device database of PCISniffer has to be mentioned. It has been updated in version 1.2 and recognizes more than 4.000 PCI devices and more than 1.500 PCI vendors now. This allows to display identification and vendor data of PCI devices that have entered the market since the release of the predecessor.

Miray Software continues offering PCISniffer for free. The latest version - PCISniffer 1.2 - is immediately ready for download under www.miray.de/products/sat.pcisniffer.html.


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