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Quick, easy and intuitive with PCISniffer 2

If your onboard PCI devices and adapter cards won’t be recognized by the operating system or if there are ressource conflicts, the free PCISniffer by Miray Software has been the most helpful tool over the last decade.

PCISniffer is a self-booting program, which allows to read PCI configuration data directly from the PCI bus. This eliminates any adulteration of this data by the operating system or hardware drivers. And it furthermore allows to read from all the PCI data fields of each device.

PCISniffer 2 has undergone intensive renewal in many aspects. The most important function, requested by many users, is the PDF export. It allows to export the complete data of either a single PCI device, a subtree, or the entire PCI device tree to a PDF file. Further new features are:

  • graphical user interface
  • intuitive tree view
  • supports booting from USB now
  • up-to-date PCI device database

Its lean operating interface, reduced to the essential, makes PCISniffer 2 an efficient tool for technically experienced or professional users. At the same time, the simple and intuitive user interface, the comfortable Boot-Setup for creating a bootable medium and the detailed manual make it convenient to be applied by users regardless of their skill level and without any risk – the system configuration will not be altered in any way.


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