Symobi for everybody!


The company Miray Software presents to the public its newly developed embedded RTOS Symobi with an own website and a free live demo.

Symobi was introduced in professional circles for the first time on the Systems 2006 exposition. Symobi is a graphical RTOS with a newly designed architecture, according to state-of-the-art technology. It is based on the microkernel system µnOS, which was also developed by Miray Software. Therefore, Symobi has its main characteristics – real-time, stability, portability, and modularity – and expands it with new services. The research team of Prof. Dr. Uwe Baumgarten of the Technical University Munich is also involved in the development.

In response to the broad public interest for Symobi, Miray Software now created an own website for the operating system. As from now, there are screenshots and further information available for everybody at Particularly, a live demo will be at your disposal as a free download.

The live demo can easily be booted from CD on every PC; data on the PC itself are not altered. It can also be tested on a virtual machine (e.g. VMware, Virtual PC). Symobi is primarily an operating system for embedded applications, but now the live demo is available to give every PC user the opportunity to get an impression of Symobi.

Website of Symobi:


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