Easy drive cloning - HDClone now running on Windows


Miray Software is going to publish version 3.6 of the hard disk copier HDClone. Just a self-booting program before, HDClone now also runs on Windows and features automatic upsizing of file systems during copying.

The HDClone 3.6 software package will now contain a Windows program for the first time. This will appeal to an increased number of users. It allows to use local Windows drives by their familiar drive letters. In addition, drives which require special Windows driver software (SCSI, RAID, SAS, FibreChannel) and Dynamic Volumes will also be accessible.

HDClone 3.6 is capable of increasing the size of NTFS and FAT file systems during copying. This feature facilitates migration of entire hard disks or single partitions. It saves time since both operations are accomplished in a single run. HDClone does not yet offer partition management. Upsizing - if deployed - always refers to the full amount of free space on the target medium.

HDClone is a universal cloning tool for hard disks and other mass storage devices. Major areas of use are mass installations and data rescue (or forensic securing) by professionals and backups or system migrations by private users. To address both groups of users equally, HDClone combines ease of use with professional features.

HDClone is available in different editions: Basic (private users), Standard (normal use), Professional (professional use), and Enterprise (mass copying). The Free Edition, allowing private users to migrate an existing installation to a new drive at no cost, is available for download at http://www.miray.de/download/sat.hdclone.html.


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