New: Miray RAM Drive


Available as of now: world's fastest and easiest RAM drive.

Miray presents Miray RAM Drive, a product combining highest performance with total ease-of-use. Offering transfer rates of several gigabytes per second and latencies below a microsecond, it is way faster than hard disks and even outperforms SSDs. See for yourself and download Miray RAM Drive for free at

The first RAM drives became popular in the 1980s, when applications couldn't use the constantly growing capacity of computer memory completely any more. Today, computers again have huge amounts of memory, normally just used to a fraction of their total capacity. Why not taking if for creating a RAM drive? Miray is now presenting the Miray RAM Drive application for Windows.

The combination of a specifically designed UI concept with highly optimized RAM drive functionality makes Miray RAM Drive special. The objective was to develop a RAM drive much easier and more intuitive to operate than any existing product - we believe to have accomplished this task successfully. We also didn't compromise when it came to performance: Miray RAM Drive is one of the fastest RAM drives available. That's why we call it "the fastest and easiest RAM drive in the world".

The standard version of Miray RAM Drive is available as a free download for private use at Additionally, the editions "Plus", "Pro" and "Server" offer special and extended features for professional use:

Miray RAM Drive Plus
Extends the functionality of the standard version by a persistency function, which, if activated, will store the RAM drive's content automatically when switching it off and restore it when switching it on again. This feature combines the high performance of a RAM drive with the persistent memory behaviour of regular storage. This ability, combined with the Autostart feature, for switching on the RAM drive at system startup, can turn the RAM drive into a always available, non-volatile memory. Learn more at

Miray RAM Drive Pro
Made for professional use, especially for developing and testing software. The RAM drive's size can be exactly adjusted on sector-level. Furthermore, parameters like sector size, cluster size and file system format can be controlled accurately - optionally fully automated by using the included command line interface (CLI). Learn more at

Miray RAM Drive Server
Containing extension for using Miray RAM Drive on Server environments and in virtual machines. As one of its special features, it can create RAM drives of up to 128 GB on a 32-bit Windows. Learn more at

Miray RAM Drive is available as of now. It can be run on any Windows system, starting feom XP. More information on the different editions is to be found at


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