Introducing Miray Evidence


New Product: Secure Digital Evidence to Investigate Cyber Crime!

Munich. After almost two years of development, Miray Software is pleased to present Miray Evidence, for the preservation of digital evidence.

Why is the preservation of digital evidence so important?

Nowadays, securing forensic images of disks is no longer only important for prosecutors and law enforcement. The secure collection of digital evidence has become equally relevant when pursuing common legal and non-legal matters.

In order to ensure that your digital information is recognized and processed as admissable evidence, it is imperative that the applicable data areas – even if previously deleted – are completely and throughly secured, stored in forensically analyzable formats, and can be presented along with documentation that certifies the source of your digital evidence.

Miray offers the ideal tool for exactly that. With Miray Evidence, creating valid forensic images of disks is...

Simple – The intuitive operation of Miray Evidence allows it to be used by regular users or by support personnel.

Flexible – You can start Miray Evidence on Windows or hide your tracks by self-booting and thereby by­passing Windows or another operating system.

Fast – When it comes to its un­matched speed, Miray Evidence benefits from the recog-
nized and globally-used disk imaging technology, which is also used with HDClone.

Key Features

  • Forensic formats E01, Ex01, AFF
  • Checksums SHA-1/256/512, MD5, CRC
  • Disk reconciliation
  • Comprehensive PDF report
  • All file systems and operating systems

Learn more by visiting the product page.

Cyber crime is constantly on the rise, making digital forensics increasingly indis-
pensable. Miray Evidence creates foren-
sically analyzable images quickly, easily and without a trace. It is the perfect solu-
tion for regular users and professionals.


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