Secure deletion in overdrive


Software solution for enterprises and service providers deletes up to 1 GB/sec.

For the end of March 2009 Miray Software announces the Enterprise Edition of the drive deletion software HDShredder. It thoroughly deletes all data on hard disks and other mass storage media (e.g. flash based storage). HDShredder conforms with German and international standards for secure drive deletion. The new Enterprise Edition deletes up to 16 drives at the same time. Deletion throughput increases almost linear with the number of drives. Therefore the time required for the deletion process will be drastically reduced.

HDShredder Enterprise Edition is a professional software tool for enterprises and service provider for mass deletion of storage media. As a pure software solution, HDShredder may basically be used on any PC. A typical application of the Enterprise Edition is the use in 'deletion servers', dedicated PCs, which are specially equipped for mass deletion (e.g. with hot-plug drive slots).

Its main advantages over concurring products are the universal applicability and the high deletion performance. Self-booting (HDShredder/S) as well as running on Windows (HDShredder/W), it may be used flexibly with all common types of mass storage* . Different drive types may be used at the same time and in arbitrary combinations. This composition of mass deletion and wide media support in a standard software product is currently unmatched.

HDShredder Enterprise Edition will be published in three variants (4x, 8x, and 16x) for deleting up to 4, 8, or 16 drives at a time. Prices will range from 299 EUR (4x) to 499 EUR (8x) to 799 EUR (16x). HDShredder can be purchased directly from the Miray Software homepage ( or from one of our resellers.

*) IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, Firewire with HDShredder/S, additional SAS, RAID, dynamic drives with HDShredder/W


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