HDClone 5.1 with Facelift


TRIM in Windows · Using up to 4 GB RAM · VHD 10% faster · More…

We are happy to present HDClone 5.1 to you and all of our customers. This new version has been enhanced vigorously and on all levels: hardware support, program features and user interface. Please find more information about the features of HDClone 5.1 on our HDClone product homepage.

As of now, HDClone 5.1, the latest version of HDClone has been made available by Miray Software. HDClone 5.1 covers all editions of HDClone and will be free for all users of HDClone 5.

HDClone 5.1 contains a number of new features, for example:

  • TRIM in Windows brings the powerful SSD optimization, already known from the self-booting HDClone/S, to HDClone/W, making it available when cloning in Windows.
  • HDClone/W now can make use of up to 4 GB of RAM (instead of 2 GB before), improving total performance, especially in case of large disks.
  • The way to select partitions has been clearly improved and made more intuitive: if only particular partitions of a disk are to be copied, it is now possible to pick them directly from the list.
  • Moreover, disk and image lists can now be scrolled using the mouse wheel.
  • HDClone creates VHD images now about 10% faster than before.

The following Toolbox options have been added to HDClone/W:

  • “Create screenshot” and
  • “Open manual”

The most important bugfixes and minor improvements in HDClone 5 are:

  • improved handling of USB device problems,
  • improved recognition of mice and keyboards and
  • a new PDF export module for cloning reports.

HDClone 5.1 is available on our homepage for download as of now — the Free Edition for everyone at no charge, any other edition in the Miray Online Shop. Customers using one of the previous versions may use our Update Configurator in order to find the most suitable update or upgrade option.


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