New Version: HDClone 4


++ Mount Images as Windows Drives ++ USB 3.0 ++ FAT Downsize & Defrag 'on-the-fly' ++ VMDK Images ++

On November 29th, 2010, Miray Software will introduce version 4 of the versatile drive cloning tool HDClone. File images can now be mounted as virtual drives in Windows. HDClone 4 also supports the new, fast USB 3.0 interface and has the ability to down-size or reorder FAT file systems 'on the fly'.

HDClone 4 includes the new Software 'Miray Virtual Disk' from the Basic Edition on, allowing users to mount file images as (virtual) Windows drives. An advantage of this technology is that users can access an image like any normal hard disk (just write protected). This enables you to access files within the image from any program (applications, disk tools, data recovery etc.) without extracting the files to a local folder first or having to restore the image to a physical drive. The virtual drives can be made persistent. HDClone 4 Professional Edition (and beyond) also allow to use several virtual drives in parallel and to have them persistently available automatically.

The new version 4 adds full USB 3.0 compatibility to HDClone. Supporting common USB 3.0 controllers, HDClone now can copy and backup fast USB 3.0 drives at full performance. In addition, HDClone 4 supports ExpressCard USB 3.0 adapters, priming it for use on laptop computers, too.

For FAT file systems, HDClone 4 extends its ability to copy to smaller drives (e.g. SSDs) or to perform a defragmentation 'on the fly' without any considerable time required. HDClone 4 Professional Edition also creates VMDK compatible images, allowing them to be directly used as a drive by VMware's virtualization solutions.

Also newly designed is the start screen of HDClone 4. It is organized task-focussed now, allowing for a quick and directed choice of the desired copying mode. Users of preceding versions of HDClone can use their accustomed user interface: the classical view is still available.

HDClone 4 will be available as from November 22nd, 2010 in four commercial editions: Basic (19,90 €), Standard (39,90 €), Professional (99 €) and Enterprise (starting at 299 €). For private users, we also offer HDClone 4 Free Edition at no cost. It can be downloaded at


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