HDClone & HDShredder now support SCSI


The OS-independent harddisk tools HDClone and HDShredder from the SAT-Series of miray Software are now also available for SCSI harddisks. At the same time miray publishes also a new version of the free HDClone Free Edition as well as the free testing tool DiskCheck.

After version 2.0 of HDClone and HDShredder had already been released at the Systems exhibition in 2003, supporting DMA and the even faster UltraDMA modes, the product range has now been extended by another edition, the Professional SCSI Edition. HDClone and HDShredder thereby support the popular Ultra, Wide, UltraWide and U160 adapters from Adaptec and connected harddisks up to 2048 GB. Thus it is now possible to create copies between SCSI and IDE harddisks with the new Professional SCSI Edition of HDClone.

Along with the release of the Professional SCSI Edition, support of UltraDMA in the existing Professional Edition has also been improved. For testing if and how good a certain system is supported, the new tool DiskCheck is available for free. This tool lists all IDE and SCSI harddisks found in a system. It is based upon the same IDE and SCSI drivers as the other tools and additionally offers perfromance testing for each harddisk detected. DiskCheck can be downloaded for free at http://www.miray.de/download/sat.diskcheck.html.

For facilitating migration of a system to a bigger harddisk for users, miray Software will further on offer the HDClone Free Edition, which is free of charge. It allows copying a smaller harddisk onto a bigger one. HDClone Free Edition is now ready for download in its newest version 2.0 at http://www.miray.de/download/sat.hdclone.html.


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