Release #2 of HDClone X.3 – Enhanced Features & Optimization


For this service update, we have have improved a number of details and have added several new features – all to ensure that HDClone remains your #1 choice when it comes to disk cloning, backups, migration & data rescue.

This update is free for existing HDClone X.3 users!

If you still use an earlier HDClone version and have been meaning to update or, if you are not yet an HDClone user, now is the time to get HDClone X.3!

What's New In The Update?

Faster & better:

  • Optimized format in BitCopy & RescueCopy
  • Faster analysis of hibernated Windows systems
  • USB stack reworked
  • Adjustments of MBR partition schemes on disks > 2 TB
  • Graphics support in HDClone/L

Hardware support:

  • Change System SID: now for a wider range of systems
  • Recognition of more UAS-enabled USB disks

New features:

  • Partitioner App: progress indicator for formatting
  • System Applet: displays LAN adapter info + IPs

Find out more information and technical details in the HDClone X.3 Feature Summary.

Here's How To Get The Update...

Already an HDClone X.3 user?

Then you can download the update at no additional cost!

Enter your 20-digit license key at Nanoways. You will automatically be offered to download the update at no cost.

You may also click on the Notify icon in the system bar at the bottom of the program screen to automatically be taken to the update clearing site.

>> Get Your Free Update Now

Still using a previous HDClone version?

Use the Update & Upgrade Configurator in our online shop to get HDClone X.3 and benefit from the advantages of the newest version!

>> Purchase your update to HDClone X.3

Do you have any questions, comments or feedback? Please let us know!


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