Operating System µnOS 0.95 released


miray Software introduces the new version 0.95 of the operating system µnOS with numerous new features today: µnOS is now based on a completely new realtime microkernel, has a graphic server with a swift software graphic engine and full true color support and a window server with a complete GUI component framework and support for arbitrary freeform windows.

µnOS 0.95 has taken miray Software a huge step towards the version 1.0. Especially realtime abilities and stability have been greatly enhanced by the integration of the Sphere 2.0 microkernel, also developed by miray and available since May 2002: The Sphere 2.0 microkernel, which is only 20 KB in size, is assumed to be flawless and provides high per-formant, hard realtime for all kernel calls, without any exception. These characteristics make µnOS a very stable system with minimal overhead.
The process manager of µnOS has been also renewed. It provides much higher bandwidth for IPC (Inter-Process-Communication) mechanisms leading to a much higher throughput in process communication, resulting in better per-formance of system services.

The new graphic server takes also great advantage of the higher IPC performance. It has been extended by a swift, software-based graphic engine, providing full true color abilities. This graphic engine combines the fast IPC mechanisms with intelligent object management. This results in a high graphic throughput for a pure software engine (e.g. 80 MPixels on Pentium III 500 MHz, i.e. more than 100 full screen frames per second in 1024x768). Furthermore the graphic engine auto-converts between different color models, transparent for applications.

Another new feature in µnOS 0.95 is the enhanced window server: Besides a renewed window design it now offers arbitrarily shaped windows. These freeform windows are not limited in any way: Neither they have to be closed nor to be connected. This ability opens new possibilities for the design of applications. The abilities of the window server are completed by a framework of standard GUI components as radio buttons or popup menus for example.

A demo of µnOS 0.95 is ready for download under http://download/demodisk.html. Because one extraordinary feature of µnOS 0.95 is its low resource consumption, there is a special version ready for download under the same address, which demonstrates that µnOS 0.95 can be run with only 3 MB of RAM.


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