HDClone X.3 Now Supports The Use of WIM Images


WIM is a file format for disk images that have been created with Microsoft ImageX or Windows on-board tools.

The HDClone X.3 Professional Editions and Enterprise Editions are now equipped to handle this image format. HDClone X.3 now includes two new features specifically for the use of WIM images.


Directly restore WIM images with initial system installations (recovery) or system backups to be with HDClone. Many of the additional options that are available with other image formats can also be implemented here (e.g. changing of disk ID, Windows SID, computer name, WSUS ID).

Mount WIM images and copy individual files or folders from within. This way, WIM images can be mounted as virtual disks so that they are then available in the Spot File Manager. From there, their files can be transferred to all supported file systems.

The support of WIM images serves as yet another component to solidify HDClone's status as a universal tool. This helps us to ensure that HDClone X.3 continues to be your first choice when it comes to cloning, imaging, migration, and data recovery!


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