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DiskSpy 2.0

DiskSpy enables you to view every sector of any installed hard disk drive regardless whether these sectors are bootsectors, partition tables, file system entries or simple data files. Also, areas that are protected by the operating system are accessible, since DiskSpy is completely operating-system-independent.

General Information

The editions of DiskSpy build on one another. A higher edition includes all the features of the lower editions.

Free Edition free of charge
Read sectors from IDE hard disks
Professional Edition €12.61
Write and browse IDE hard disks
Professional SCSI Edition €21.01
Use DiskSpy with Adaptec SCSI controllers
Note: Please use DiskCheck to find out if a certain PC system and its mass storage media are supported. The Free Edition shows all supported and recognized drives.

Free Edition

The Free Edition of DiskSpy allows to display every sector of any installed IDE harddisk. Various display modes allow a better overview of the saved data, e.g. a FAT table can easily be read in the doubleword view, where the file sizes, timestamp of last changes and the corresponding sector numbers are displayed. You also can switch the ASCII display to a full 8-bit-display, which shows all control characters as well as the extended ASCII characters in plain text. These characters are usually displayed as a dot to minimize distractions when reading the sector. Besides the always visible short info DiskSpy can show extended information about the installed hard disk drives. Besides information like capacity, heads, sectors and cylinders it shows available DMA, UltraDMA and PIO modes also cache size and serial numbers of a hard disk.

Professional Edition

Write and browse IDE hard disks as you wish

In addition to the features of the Free Version the Professional Edition also allows you to edit the sector's contents. This can be done either in the hexadecimal view or in the ASCII view, all changes are made visible with another color. A useful search function is also available, which is much improved in comparison with the free version: it offers a search function for any character string in both directions, as well as inverted search (find the first non-matching character) for byte-, word- and doubleword patterns.


Professional SCSI Edition

Use DiskSpy with Adaptec SCSI adapters

The Professional SCSI Edition allows you to read and write Adaptec SCSI controllers.



Complete drive diagnosticsyesyesyes
Editing of sector contentsnoyesyes
Search for stringsyesyesyes
Search for any patternnoyesyes
Inverse searchyesyesyes
SCSI supportnonoyes

Hardware requirements

      486 processor or higher
      4 MB RAM
      VGA graphics

Supported controllers

DiskSpy supports IDE controllers and SCSI controllers by Adaptec (see list of supported SCSI controllers).

Software Made in Germany