DiskCheck 4.3

All Miray tools with hard disk access use the same driver architecture. DiskCheck now enables you to check if the stand-alone tools will work on a system. It also offers a (rather reliable) speed guess for the SAT applications. In cases of undetected devices, the program can also produce a diagnosis which can be used to further improve the driver architecture.

DiskCheck free of charge


DiskCheck is equipped with both IDE and SCSI drivers; although SCSI drivers are available only in the premium product range, their correct function can still be tested with this free tool. It also has the much improved IDE drivers which offer Ultra-DMA access for IDE devices.

IDE speed can be measured with DMA access turned on or off, which also allows one to measure the PIO speed of newer harddisks, which unfortunately is slightly lower than the PIO speed of some older harddisks.

SCSI harddisks connected to a supported Adaptec Host Controller (including U160) are supported, for a complete list see here.

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