Miray BootCast

Network Boot for UEFI, SecureBoot and Legacy BIOS made easy

With Miray BootCast there is finally software that simplifies the booting of operating systems and self-booting tools via network boot (PXE boot) so much that it can be used immediately without special knowledge. Where setup and interconnection of various utilities is normally required, with the necessary knowledge, Miray BootCast requires only one program call.

Simple and universal
In some environments, Miray BootCast works immediately without further settings (see demo). If settings are required, these can be made centrally via a configuration file. Miray BootCast usually integrates seamlessly into existing DHCP networks without having to change the DHCP server. If no DHCP server is available, Miray BootCast can also take over this task. In addition, no Windows Server operating system is required to run Miray BootCast. A normal Windows work PC can also be used for this.

Ready system support and versatility
Miray BootCast is a command line program for Windows and can therefore also be run in the background as a service. It offers network boot not only for older BIOS systems, but also for modern UEFI firmware with or without SecureBoot - including a separate, comfortable and visually appealing boot menu. Miray BootCast was initially developed for booting Miray's own software tools, but now also supports Windows PE and some Linux distributions, as well as a variety of legacy boot tools for BIOS boot (e.g. software for firmware flashing) - as well Raspberry Pi.

Free demo with HDClone and HDShredder
A free demo is available for download to test on PC-based clients. This runs without any further presettings and offers the BootCast boot menu including HDClone and HDShredder on the clients. Simply download and start!

System requirements:

  • Runs on Windows 7 or higher / Server 2008 R2
  • Client PCs with 1 GB RAM
  • Network with DHCP but no other NetBoot/PXE service running.

More information
Miray BootCast is constantly being further developed - please contact us!

More information about the product
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