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Upgrading HDClone BE to ver. 6

Post by Ryszma » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:49 am

After upgrading HDClone BE to the version 6 it does not see one of the three partitions of my Win7 HDD.
Previously I used to clone my HDD comprised of:
#1 partition NTFS 204 MB
#2 partition NTFS 429 GB
#3 partition NTFS 1570 GB
It WORKED perfect under version 5.
Now only partitions #1 and #2 are visible when HDD Clone is started in Compatibility Mode. There are no HDD partitions visible in Standard Mode.
So it is not possible to clone neither the full disk nor only partition #3.
The cloned HDD contains only partitions #1 and #2. The same is with Backup and DiskView.
How to fix it?
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Re: Upgrading HDClone BE to ver. 6

Post by Adrian Decker » Tue Apr 18, 2017 11:49 am

Hello Ryszma,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We regret to hear that you have been experiencing issues with HDClone.

For the diagnosis I would like to ask you to open a support ticket at the following address and upload the respective, by HDClone 6 automatically stored system logs:

If you started HDClone from a self booting USB drive you can find these system logs on this USB drive under the directory "/Symobi/Logs/". You can identify the right system log with the time stamp. In case of doubt just upload all system logs from the day in question.

If you started HDClone from a self booting CD/DVD, then it is necessary to reproduce the problem you observed and manually store a system log via the Toolbox menu (wrench symbol) afterwards. This requires a connected USB drive as target.

Adrian Decker
Adrian Decker
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