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Is the step-by-step instruction helpful? Please let me know if you need further assistance for uploading the files.

OK, here the steps:

1. Open WINDOWS EXPLORER (NOT Internet Explorer)
2. Enter "ftp://srv05.miray.de/"; (without quotes) in the adress bar of WINDOWS EXPLORER
3. Press Enter
4. Provide the credentials and klick "OK"
5. You will then see the FTP folder in WINDOWS EXPLORER
6. Open the image folder (H:) in a SECOND instance of WINDOWS EXPLORER
7. Drag and drop the image file (and the log) to the other WINDOWS EXPLORER window

Please DO NOT USE Internet Explorer or any other web browser at any time in this proccess!

Then it will work smoothly.

IF i understand right I go to the website you gave me in browser. Then I use File Manager to find the file and drag and drop it. Goodness...this seems so unnecessarily confusing and time consuming. I do drag and drop with Vimeo and other places and never have such problems.

Ok, which one have you used for the FTP upload?

I'm confused. I use the most common things -- Window Edge for browser and File explorer to get files and drag and drop.

Are you sure to have used WINDOWS EXPLORER (the yellow icon), not INTERNET EXPLORER?

With Internet Explorer it won't work. With Windows Explorer it will work up to Terabytes of data.

Hi, I've been waiting for you to tell me how to send you the big file you want. I tried to drag and drop it per your instructions but as I told you that did not work

just to clarify yes I followed uyour instructions and got to the website...but the drag and drop did not work, I tried a few times. Maybe it can be emailed? Whatever now tied up through lunchtime.

the drag and drop does not work

ok, i see the file is too large for sending here....what a shame that would be so easy

Hi, I'm on the run and going to try to send you the files here. If for some reason I have to use that other complicated procedure let me know, thanks.


Login for FTP-Upload of the partition image:

FTP: ftp://srv05.miray.de
You can enter the above address in the addressbar of Windows Explorer (NOT Internet Explorer!)

It will then request the following credentials:

Login: ftpupload
PW: bN4==v$+#uVB

Please just drag and drop the image file there. You can also drag the log file there, if you like or upload it here in the ticket.

Update: When I got your message last Friday I thought it best to make a clone with the new drive and see if all works well. This time I got another Seagate 8TB for the clone, same as the C drive in my computer. That clone process is still taking place and will finish sometime today. Also I realized I need to buy a new USB cloning device which is USB 3.0 and I have ordered one which I expect to get in the next few days. And when I do I'm going to clone my drive in another computer to another hard disk as well. So probably best to do these things and then see if everything is working ok or if I need to get back to you with any problems. Thanks again so much for your assistance.

Glad to hear you have everything ready. Unfortunately, I could not switch the slot from Monday to today, since I got no tech remote support slot avaiable so shortly. I'm sorry, but it looks like we have to stick with Monday, 9 am your time.

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward for us to get more information about that issue then and hopefully being able to solve it.

OK, Can we please do what you said tomorrow, FRIDAY, 28th Feb, at 9am my time which I believe is 3pm your time in Germany. I have a new Seagate hard disk to use as the target for cloning. I will follow the instructions you gave me and have my system read for remote technical support at that time. Mark Bruzonsky

12024951235 is both my phone and WHATSAPP if needed, thank you.

All right then. We'll be tuned on 03/02 at 3 pm our time.

Just to mention, since I'm not sure why you're going to buy a new disk: The disks you have used seemed both to be ok. At least we have not found any different indication.

Thanks, this sounds like a good idea. I'm going to be traveling and busy for the next week or so. So I'll order a new hard disk now and be ready to do this on Monday 2 March 9am my time in Washington DC, if this works for you. If it's helpful to be in touch by phone my WHATSAPP is 12024951235

Thank you for your patience. Our tech team has done a lot of research to find any clue for a potential issue in the log and also tried to reproduce it - unfortunately without finding an explanation for behavior you have observed.

The ways you cloned the drive should be fine and there is no indictaion of an issue happened during cloning. Therefore the tech team suggest to start another clone, supervised by one of our techs over remote assistance. They could then analyze right away, whether all calculations are just as they should be. So in case there was an error at this point, we could save the time to complete the cloning.

If you would like to take this option, we ahould agree on a time, since we are six hours ahead. We could make ourselves available between 6 am and 2 pm your time. Please let me know what time you would like to start.

Please also prepare the remote session as follows:

1. Prepare the system to repeat the cloning (e.g. connect external disk)
2. Start HDClone (restart if still running)
3. After about 30 seconds, there should appear a monitor icon with a white screen (!) on the right side of the system bar (bottom bar).
4. Click on that icon. You should see a pane with "Tech Support | Miray". Click on that pane to connect.
5. Please wait for questions or instructions from our side then.

When connected, we will only see the HDClone screen, not your Windows screen.

I've been waiting to hear from you. Forget about speed, I can use usb 3.0 and if it is supposed to take many days so be it. BUT I do need the clone to boot my computer and that it does not do. So I need to know what to do. I think I've sent you everything and more than you asked for. And frankly I'm surprised that there has been no response to the messages and attachments I sent you last weekend, many days ago.

1) speed. you are right, the USB cloning is connected to the front of the HP which has USB2. I have a USB3 card connected in back so will use that in the future.

2) booting. This not speed is the big problem -- that the cloned drive does not boot the computer. When the cloning is finished I take the clone drive and substitute it for the original C drive using the same calbes. In other words I remove the cables from the C drive and attach them to the newly cloned drive. But the newly cloned drive does not boot the computer as I expected it would, so that' the problem and why I am in touch.

FYI when I put the newly cloned drive back in the USB device and re-attach the original drive as the C boot drive, and then run Disk Manager, I get the following information in the attacked jpg I see that the newly cloned drive only indicates Healthy Primary Partition but does not indicate boot in the information as does the C drive. I don't know if this is how if this is what it should indicate or not...but I'm sending it along fyi at this point.

Thank you for the logs and the screenshots. I have got an evaluation from our tech laboratory:

1. As for the cloning speed, there seems to be no issue with HDClone. The 6.360 GB that you have been cloning at the 30 MB/s data rate you have had takes about the time you have experienced.

HDClone Standard Edition is capable of up to 60 MB/s, so the question is why you don' get more than 30 MB/s. It is happening somewhere outside HDClone and my guess is that the USB/SATA bridge is somehow working at USB 2 speed although it is capable of USB 3 speed. Is it possible that it is connected to a USB 2 port?

The above is just a guess, but you can use the SpeedTest app in the Tools tab to measure the speed of source and target separatels. This should reveal, where the speed drop originates from. If you would like to have assistance, please send screenshots and a log of after running SpeedTest on both, source and target (always select "read" only).

2. Boot issue: HDClone does not announce any issues or errors when adjusting the boot information on the target. Therefore it is strange that booting will fail. Are you trying to boot right over the USB/SATA bridge or do you remove the bridge and connect the target directly to an SATA port?

Any details on what you are doing at this point may be helpful.

The cloning finally finished late yesterday. All the data was transferred BUT the newly cloned drive does not boot which is why I made the clone. Here is the log file made at the end and screenshot at the end


Here is the screenshot and manual log file that you asked for.


Thank you for the logs. In the future, when uploading logs, please upload the logs you have created "manually", meaning those with "user" in the filename. Send Auto-Logs ("auto" in the filename) only if you did not have the chance to create a Log manually.

As for the slow cloning: Can you please provide a screenshot or just an information on the current cloning speed that is displayed on the right of the progress bar?

And here is the current log file for the clone that is being made now and which the ETA is in two days.


Thank you for promptly working with me on this. I am going to send you now the previous log file from a few weeks ago when I made a clone, from 8TB Seagate to 10TB WD, but it would not boot as I expected it to.


You can create a Log file at any time using the according pane under the heart monitor icon on the lower right of the screen. But yes, in your case it makes sense to create it after the cloning has finished.

Any no, generally HDClone not supposed to work slow. But from what you write, I cannot tell if it is slow, since I don't know how much data you are transferring between which type of media. A log file would be helpful here, too.

Thanks, got the email with license. As I understand it when the cloning process ends I will be able to create a log file to send to you if the newly cloned drive does not boot my computer.

QUESTION: I've been using HDClone occasionally for a long time going back to Version 4. This new version 9 seems to take much much longer to simply clone a drive. In the current case being closed right now it is taking about 4 days! Though started two days ago it now indicates it will finish the morning of 15 Feb. Is this the way it is supposed to work? I am just using all the default settings but maybe there is something I am doing wrong?

An E-Mail with your license key should be in your inbox. If not, please check your spambox and anti-spam settings.

As written before, for enabling us to help you on the issue, please create a log file of after the cloning has finished and upload it here.


I want to clone my seagate 8tb to a new Western Digital 10TB. Then I will use the 10TB in my computer and keep the 8TB as a backup. BUT when I tried to do this before the new 10TB did not boot my HP7 computer which is otherwise working all OK. Is there something special I need to do so that the cloned 10TB will be my new C drive and boot my system?

I am trying to find my Licence Key but I find no way to do that from your program and I don't see it in the email. I tried using HDC9SEU which is on the email I got from you a few weeks ago but it does not work! Please send my Licence Key to Mark@Bruzonsky.com, thank you.

Can we expect a log file to be uploaded or can the case be closed?

There has been no reasonable reply to my request for you uploading a log file (answer #1, 01/31/20). So please, we'd really like to support you with a solution. But how do you expect us to support you if we do not get the information we need to do so?

I called yesterday and was told to use email.

I sent the asked for pictures yesterday and replied to your email this morning

but meanwhile still have the serious problem and there has still not been any reasonable technical support!!

Mark Bruzonsky - 202 495-1235 and 202 NUMBER2 (202 686-2372)

I have used HDCLONE for many years. BUT when I simply clone my WINDOWS 10 computer which has Seagate 8TB to Western Digital 10TB

it copies everything BUT the new drive does not boot my computer as it should.

Thank you for this information. We have also got the information that you did a clone from an internal to an external drive, which took three days.

The screen shots you sent do not give any clue to what may have gone wrong. Could you please upload the log file from this cloning here?

The only thing that comes to my mind without further information from a log is that the PC may have been started (after cloning) with both disks connected. Do you remember whether this could have been the case?

Mr. Marias,

We just spoke a few minutes ago and I gave you all the detailed information.

You asked for pictures and here they are. Please have the appropriate senior technical support person contact me right away, thank you

Mark Bruzonsky