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Cant access one folder on cloned Win 10 HDD

Post by Paynterf » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:25 pm

I successfully created a cloned HDD from my Dell XPS-15 laptop. To confirm proper cloning, I tried to view the clone's contents by connecting it to another PC (Win7 laptop) via USB. Most of the folders were readily viewable, but one was not. When I tried to access this folder I got a 'Location Not Available' dialog that said the file could not be accessed by the system.

After some fumbling around and some web searches, I found that the only difference between the folders I could open and the one that I could not was that the 'good' folders all had a permissions entry that was a long series of digits ending in '-1003' and the 'bad' folder had a 'Permissions Entry' with the same long series of digits, but ending in '-1001' instead of '-1003'.

I tried changing the '-1001' to '-1003', but there seems to be no way to do that. I tried removing this 'Permissions Entry', but got an error message saying it couldn't be removed because it was inheriting permissions from a parent object. I eventually figured out how to break the inheritance chain and remove the object, but now I can't figure out how to ADD the correct one. When I try to add a new permissions entry to the 'bad' folder, I get and error message "An object named [my long number] cannot be found. check the selected object....

Any ideas what is going on herre? I have been doing clone backups for years on my Win7 lapotp with no trouble, but Win10 seems to be making it all but impossible to do the same thing - help!!


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Re: Cant access one folder on cloned Win 10 HDD

Post by Adrian Decker » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:38 pm

Hello Frank,

Regarding the problem you observed I would like to ask you to open a support ticket at the following address:

For the diagnosis I then would like to ask you to provide us with the respective, by HDClone automatically stored system log of the copy process, which resulted in the clone with the permission problems.
With self booting USB drives and on Windows, the system log is automatically stored after a copy mode is closed or when the program is closed, from HDClone 6 on.
(With a self booting CD an extra USB drive is necessary, for storing the log manually on it.)

INFO: When you started HDClone on Windows, then you can find the system log, also on Windows, via the Toolbox menu (wrench symbol) under "Stored log files". And if you started HDClone from a self booting USB drive, then you can find the system log on this USB drive in the directory "/Symobi/Logs/". Or the base directory on that USB drive with older versions of HDClone.

You can identify the right system log with the time stamp. For that it is best to sort the files by their modification date. In case of doubt just upload all system logs from the day in question. For uploading many files at once it is recommendable to copy all files in one folder and compress this folder into an archive file (e.g. ZIP, 7ZIP). Though, please note the maximum upload size of 16 MB in the support ticket system.

Adrian Decker
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