Excellent Software

For Miray Software as it stands today, it has been the company‘s expressed goal to develop excellent products. What does this mean for us? It means that we constantly seek to meet and exceed the expectations of our users in every aspect and to combine the latest technology with intuitive service. Furthermore, we strive to provide our users with products that are not only up-to-date when it comes to the latest technology, but that are also easy to use.

User-focused Service

Our objective is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers. This starts with product conception and extends to our customer service. We aim our focus on customer satisfaction in every area of our business – this is reflected in the easy-to-control user interface as well as our coherent and practically-oriented licensing model.

Our Principles

It is from our experience that we have collected since the time of the company‘s establishment, that we have developed the following principles, which are at the basis of our self-conception when it comes to creating software:

  • Provide the customer with the expected and note the unexpected. Indicate risks. Lead those customers who have no expectations.

  • Never attempt to outsmart the user. Do not include functions that may limit the user by making assumptions about facts, which the user will know better when operating the product.

  • Never patronize the customer.