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HDShredder 6 + free update to V.7

Choose HDShredder 6 for secure disk deletion – reliable and user-friendly. At the same time, secure your free update to the upcoming release of HDShredder 7 and be among the first customers to benefit from its additional new features!

Now through May 20th, 2023, choose a new full version of HDShredder 6 or update from an older version, and receive a free update to HDShredder 7 upon its upcoming release.

Enjoy all of the features* in HDShredder 6, including:

  • SecureErase and Sanitize Commands
  • TRIM (SSD) and AutoFormat Options
  • SD/microSD and eMMC Support
  • Network Boot ready (PXE and UEFI)

Many more updates and new features await you when you redeem your update to HDShredder 7!

*) Feature availability depends on the chosen HDShredder 6 edition

For more information and details about HDShredder 6's features and capabilities, and to help you choose which edition is right for you, check out our HDShredder 6 Feature Summary.

Here's how to secure your free update to HDShredder 7

Order a full version of HDShredder 6 an update from a previous version between today and May 20th, 2023 and the free update to HDShredder 7 will automatically be included.

As soon as HDShredder 7 is officially released and ready to download, simply request a new download of your program package by entering your HDShredder 6 license key at Nanoways. Confirm that you wish to use the free update, then download HDShredder 7 and be among the first to experience all of its highlights and features!

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