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[Bug?] HDClode destroy boot sector ofUSB key and Source Disk

Post by luberfly » Fri Jun 14, 2019 10:23 am

Dear all,
I try to describe what happen yesterday when I used HDclone 9 free version.

1° USE: Clone of HDD 500GB (used 60GB) into SSD 128GB with
The clone was performed without problems or error. The HDD source was installed into a Desktop and HDClone was installed into a CD-ROM.
The HDClone procedure started with boot from CD-Rom.

2° USE: Clone an HDD 2,5inch 500GB (130GB USED) into and SSD 256GB.
Procedure HDClone started from CD-ROM.
When the procedure started, it required 20 minutes for "verify status". After 20 minutes (5% of process) and zero data tranfer, I cancel the procedure with regular command.
Then I try to reboot but the original disk lost the boot sector and laptop never boot up.
Unable to access at each partition. In this case the Source HDD was a GPT disk with 7 partition (Lenovo laptop)

3° USE: As before. I try to clone a previus clone of the HDD that I made with Acronis True Image.
HDClone procedure started with a boot USB key.
At 5% the verify still in "Verify" status after 5 minutes.
I aborted the procedure and then...never more reboot! The Source HDD was destroyed as before (lost of boot sector) and the some fault also for USB Key with HDClone.

So any idea of what may be happen?

Best Regards
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Re: [Bug?] HDClode destroy boot sector ofUSB key and Source

Post by Alex » Mon Jun 17, 2019 4:14 pm

Thank you for your feedback.

The behaviour you describe sounds very unusual. Please verify that you have obtained HDClone from a trustworthy source. Since there is no official HDClone 9 Free Edition from us, your posting indicates that you most likely have been spoofed.

Please always take care to download HDClone from official and trustworthy sources. Unfortunately there are malware propagators out there that use HDClone and other popular tools as a vehicle to attract unsuspecting users. These users are trapped by the names of popular software to download the desired tool, which then comes with a payload of trojans, viruses, bots and other malevolent software (malware).

However, we are sorry about the bad experience you have made. Please kindly understand that we have no influence on these unsafe sources. There is no other way against that than steadily advising our users of avoiding unsafe and dubious sources of software.

An indicator for a safe and official download is the valid signature displayed by Windows' UAC popup when trying to start a program. In case of HDClone it should look like on the screenshot attached below.

A safe source to obtain HDClone from is the Miray Online Shop at, in case you consider purchasing one of the higher editions of HDClone. If you would like to continue using HDClone Free Edition, please download it safely from our homepage at

Thank you for supporting HDClone, a software made by an ambitious team with dedication and the goal to create a great and useful product for our customers. Please also help us grow our community by spreading the word.
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