HDClone X.5 Free Edition

The Free Edition is real freeware without any obligation to buy. It is intended for temporary and free use cases. For more frequent or professional use, we recommend you to use one of the higher editions, as they offer higher speed, broader hardware support and further options for regular and professional usage.

Setup for Windows

Setup for Windows will install all components to your PC: HDClone/W (Windows executable), HDClone/S (self-booting program), HDClone manual (PDF) and the boot setup for creating an HDClone bootable medium (USB key or CD/DVD).

ZIP package

If you run Windows (XP or higher), but want to HDClone without installing it: the ZIP package contains all files required to run HDClone directly on Windows. You may also create an HDClone bootable media (USB stick, bootable CD/DVD) in order to start HDClone without running Windows.

Hybrid ISO

If you don’t run Windows (XP or higher): To be able to use HDClone with other Operating Systems, burn the Hybrid ISO file to a CD or write it directly to a USB stick. You then can boot HDClone from CD or from the USB stick, and you can also run the Windows-HDClone-Application from CD or from USB stick.

Linux Executable

HDClone X.5 FE – Linux AppImage
45 MiB

If you want to start HDClone directly on Linux: The AppImage contains everything you need to run HDClone directly on various Linux distributions (installed or live). To create an HDClone boot medium (HDClone/S), please also download the hybrid ISO package.

Higher Editions

For more frequent or professional use, we recommend you to use one of the higher editions of HDClone. They offer you higher performance, wider hardware support, and special options for data reconciliation, data rescue and system restoration.

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